Friday, May 13, 2011

Legitimate survey sites

Legitimate survey sites are tough to find these days,so it is important to find the right one.
Today I will be reviewing my favorite site CashCrate.

CashCrate is a website that pays you to take surveys,cash offers,view advertisements,and they have an excellent referral program.

They even have video tutorial on how to get started and tips on how to start earning.

You can make money with CashCrate fast by completing the many list of offers,which range from a from 25 cents to 50$ if not more they add offers all the time.

They also have a great toolbar you can install and make money by looking up stuff on the Internet which is what you do everyday anyway!

Now you surely wont become a millionaire but the best way to make money on CashCrate is with their referral program let me explain.

Referring new users to CashCrate is one of the best ways earn more money month after month. The more users you refer, the more money you make. CashCrate has five different Referral Levels that can be reached. As you refer more and more active users,users from the US, Canada, or UK who complete at least one offer or Daily Survey, your rank gradually increases, and so does the amount you earn. Here are the ranks the benefits associated with them.

First Level: Silver
All users start out at this referral level.
Active Referrals Needed: None!
First Level Referral Earnings: 20%
Second Level Referral Earnings: 10%
Other Benefits:
- Get a $3.00 bonus when your referral makes their first $10.00.
- Get $0.05 for each Daily Survey your referral completes

Second Level: Silver
Active Referrals Needed: 50
First Level Referral Earnings: 25%
Second Level Referral Earnings: 10%
Other Benefits:
- Get paid on the 1st of every month rather than the 15th.
- Choose between check or Direct Deposit for your payment method.
- Option to get $1.00 for every active referral instead of the usual $3.00 bonus.

Third Level: Gold
Active Referrals Needed: 150
First Level Referral Earnings: 25%
Second Level Referral Earnings: 15%

Fourth Level: Platinum
Active Referrals Needed: 300
First Level Referral Earnings: 30%
Second Level Referral Earnings: 15%

Fifth Level: Elite
Active Referrals Needed: 500
First Level Referral Earnings: 30%
Second Level Referral Earnings: 20%

As you can see when you refer someone you get paid for it,and when they make money YOU get paid a percentage of what they make,and what their referrals make! and it will keep on going and going so you're earning potential is unlimited! you decide how much you want to make.
Imagine being able to make money while you sleep!

So How Do I Know This Isn't A Scam?

CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees to join, and they send out thousands of dollars in payments to all members every month. Want proof? Head over to the their Payment Wall and see real payments posted by real users. You can also visit the forums, where you can talk to other CashCrate members about their experience with the program.

So there is no excuse on why you can't join CashCrate.
Start making money today!

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